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For too many years now the powered parachutes have been around but sat in the sidelines. After careful consideration we have decided to provide a route for aviators to train on these machines and obtain a licence to fly them. For those who are unaware, a paramotor is footlaunched and these machines are deregulated, no licence required. As soon as you affix wheels to your machine it becomes regulated and you require a licence to fly it.

We expect most students to take their restricted licence, returning to do their cross countries once they have gained more airtime. Flying time for the restricted licence can be the minimum of four hours if all goes well. Five exams have to be passed alongside the flying. It would be a good idea if potential students purchased a copy of Cosgroves Microlight pilots handbook (available from us) and swotted for their exams. Air law should be the first to be taken. Ground school is available at Chatteris if required.


Kim is North London Parachute Centre chief rigger and senior examiner. She has a wealth of experience and is accepted as canopy inspector for the powered parachutes. Without her experience and the superb NLPC facility canopy inspections would have been difficult.
Rod McFadyen has been secretary of the powered paragliding association for many years. He has been of great help to us in our task to place powered parachutes firmly back on the map. Rod is our check pilot and owns a Kestrel. He has a wealth of experience in the sport and has proved invaluable to us.
Rob Hill is the BMAA chief inspector and safety officer. He has taken the time to visit us at Chatteris and inspect our facilities. He was able to clear Peter to inspect the trike units and clear Kim to inspect the canopies. We will be remaining in close contact and are indebted to Rob for his help in moving the team forwards.
Peter Harrison is the resident Chatteris aircraft inspector and has been cleared to inspect the powered parachute trikes. Peter flies his own flexwing from Chatteris. He has an engineering background and is always enthusiastic in his work. Another invaluable member of the team.
Chris Hasell is the chief flying instructor at Chatteris and will be in charge of the ground and flight instruction on the powered parachutes. He is a relative newcomer to this type of flying and is keen to see the sport progress safely.
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The Flying Bike ("Flyke")

The vehicle is called a "Flyke" because it is, in essence, a flying bike. There are 3 main parts to it - a lightweight trike chassis, a powerful 2 stroke twin propeller motor, and a paraglider canopy ("wing") which provides lift during forward motion. Some key facts:

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Wayne 1
Wayne Kimberlin
Wayne Kimberlin is a dedicated Powered Parachute AFI and is working towards his full FI rating under Chris at Chatteris. He trained as a flight instructor at Aerochute in Australia and Kinross Scotland. He is very enthusiastic to see Powered Parachuting successfully re-born in the UK.
I was a keen aeromodeller club member until one day our club chairman (aged 78) landed at our field in a little buggy suspended from a big kite I was very curious and took him up on his offer of a flight. I was very nervous as we took off, but once we were in the air I could see how easy it was to fly. 'I was hooked', on what I later learned was a Powered Parachute.
Since then I have been on a Powered Parachuting journey which has taken me all over the world, where I have met people from all backgrounds who all share a passion for this most simple and accessible form of flight. I have left my job as a Project Manager and Engineer, so that I can dedicate more time to my passion and new career as a Powered Parachute Instructor.
I travelled to Australia where I completed a Powered Parachute Instructor course at Aerochute. My tutor (Stephen Conte - Designer of the Aerochute) had over 20 years worth of Powered Parachute Instruction, and I learned a lot from him including how to chase kangaroos!
On my return I attended a UK AFI course at Pegasus Scotland with Marcus Dalgetty. This course took over a month to complete and during my first few days Marcus invited me to help write the UK Powered Parachute Dual Syllabus, which at the time did not exist. It was much colder in Scotland but flying over snow covered Glens and frozen Lochs had it's own attraction. Mixing with other people who have a passion for microlights was a real pleasure and I took a lot from the whole experience.
I have owned and flown many types of powered parachute and it's great to see new machines coming onto the UK market, as the UK powered parachuting scene is going through a re-birth at the moment.
Now I very much look forward to working with Chris Hasell at AAA-Microlights as a dedicated Powered Parchute AFI. This is a massive opportunity for me and a huge pleasure to build on my experiences working with Chris at an airfield that has arguably the most suitable facilities for Powered Parachute in the UK.
See you at Chatteris!
All the best Wayne
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Wayne 3
Wayne 4
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